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Rosetta long-term preservation repository



Rosetta is the long-term preservation repository of KU Leuven. It archives and provides persistent access to born-digital or digitised data objects and datasets that needs to be kept for the long term, and includes metadata, usage policies and access tools. Using this service guarantees the safe storage of your data with back-ups in a redundant environment.

Rosetta offers more than storage and back-up of data. A community of experts monitors the evolution of digital formats. This information is used to monitor and take proper preservation actions when a format threatens to become obsolete. Its scalable and extensible architecture makes it a sustainable preservation infrastructure that is able to deal with the growing amount of digital data and wide range of formats, from spreadsheets or databases to digitised images of ancient manuscripts.    

Rosetta supports the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS standard). It safeguards the authenticity, unicity and integrity of data and fulfils all requirements that must be present in a digital preservation system, being:

  • Ingest
  • Archival storage
  • Data management
  • Administration
  • Preservation planning
  • Access



  • Safe storage of data objects and datasets (multiple formats)
  • Provides a back-up in a complete redundant environment
  • Provides an upload tool to transfer data to the server
  • Unique persistent identifier assigned to each digital object or dataset
  • Automatic generation of derivatives for reuse and consultation
  • Item level access control
  • Download and watermark protection
  • Specialised viewers to allow detailed consultation of material
  • Continuous monitoring of the compatibility of the used formats in order to detect obsolete file formats that might be inaccessible due to newer version releases etc.
  • All details are specified in an submission agreement
    • Administrative information (contact person …)
    • Technical information (file formats, quality …)
    • Archival metadata (for discovery) and metadata model used
    • Validation (transfer and ingest)
    • Management information (access rights)
    • Structural information (complex, single)

All material uploaded in Rosetta can be made discoverable though the LIMO discovery & Delivery system. Data sets can be referenced in LIRIAS using the Persistent Identifier.


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