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Data collection services




LIBIS offers a number of services that can assist the researcher in the data collection process. This can range from metadata modelling according to international standards to the development of databases enabling the researcher in the data creation and collection process.

The use of standards is a crucial aspect when creating data. Though it is often common practice for researchers to use own data elements due to a lack of a single standards available for their research domain (depends of the domain), the proper documentation of metadata elements and its alignment with a commonly accepted model can have a strong impact on the accessibility and distribution of scientific work. First of all it provides the necessary semantics so that both humans and machines can interpret the information. It also enhances the quality of the datasets, aids the discovery- and reuse process, enables interoperability with other datasets and provides the information needed for archiving and long-term preservation of the datasets.

As the Library information department data is something LIBIS works with in abundance. Our expertise on standards is extensive and not limited to describing books or cultural objects. We’ve been working with several research groups in modelling and describing both administrative and descriptive metadata. Several data experts follow the latest evolutions on data formats, metadata description -, exchange-, and publication standards.  We’ve been involved in several European and national projects, in which we have designed, documented and implemented metadata standards. 

This service overview presents our expertise and variety of services, though it is not meant as an exhaustive list. Together we will explore and offer the most suitable solution. We follow an open and modular approach, meaning you can pick what you need and are free to use other services and solutions to fulfil your other requirements.


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